About me


My name is Andrew – formally from Nelson but now live in Auckland, New Zealand
I have an extreme passion for all Motorsports and a mild addiction to Drifting.
When I was 18 and fresh out of high school with all my wisdom, I decided to borrow all the money I needed to obtain a 1989 Nissan 200sx with a CA18DET. In hindsight this wasn’t the smartest decision I’ve ever made, however that move was the catalyst that begin my love affair with all things “cars”.
My main passion now is Photography and Videography.
I followed the south island drift series “Drift South” for a season but I have now moved north with the goal to follow the north island drifting scene, D1NZ, other track days and events.
Following drifting has taken over my life and is the main influence in every decision I make. The cars and driving are only the half of it. The travelling, experiences and people I’ve met are what makes me keep coming back for more.
The goal now is to travel to japan and visit the birth place of Drifting and experience all that the country has to offer both on and off the track.
I hope you enjoy the images and videos I post, and I aim to maintain it as regularly as possible.
If you are wanting coverage of yourself driving at an event email me.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my page.

– Andrew

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