D1NZ – Looking back

With the final round of the D1NZ season only five days away I’ve been having a hunt through some of my old shots from the season and I thought id repost two of my favorites.

The first shot is of Justin roods 180sx. He brought the car out of retirement for the 4th round at Hampton Downs Raceway. I’m probably the worlds biggest 180sx fan and I love old footage/photos of past D1NZ seasons so it was awesome seeing this car in person. Gaz Whiters engine ended up blowing up that day so he jumped in this and he shocked everyone by finishing 4th. I’m a massive fan of Driftcorp, hopefully I get to see this car again in the future.

The second shot is of Joseph Kukutai & Cameron Vernon after the 5th round this season at Ruapuna Raceway in Christchurch. Joe had major engine issues right before the round so Cam said that Joe could use his car to compete. This shot was taken as the crew was packing up for the weekend. Joe had just finished 2nd in the pro am class and cam finished 4th in the pro series. you couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces.

Neither of these shots are technically great but they tell a story and mean something to me personally

– Andy

F1010019 (1)


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