Ferrari Charity day @ Pukekohe

When I was living in Nelson we used to make the trip to our closest race track Ruapuna Raceway for drift events, which towing a vehicle could easily take 6+ hours. Now days I live in Pukekohe, with my house being a 4 minute drive away from the race track and only another 15 and i’m at Hampton Downs. The best spin off from living so close to race tracks is you get to be involved in a much wider community of racing. On sunday I woke up to a txt message from Cameron Veronon inviting me down to the track to check out a Ferrari Charity day. I grabbed my camera gear and headed down. I was a bit shocked when I arrived at the track to see such a large amount and such a wide variety of Ferrari’s, some of which I’ve had car crushes on for years. It was a cool day meeting some full on Motorsport enthusiasts and hearing some some amazing engines screaming past at full noise.

– Andy
IMG_9529 IMG_9544 IMG_9559 IMG_9612 IMG_9630 IMG_9735 IMG_9744 IMG_9918

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