New Toy

Just as i thought i would have some free time to be able to focus on this blog, I go and buy a project car…….. haha
Its a Nissan Silvia – S14 – Face lift edition
I sold my s13 200sx over 4 years ago and I thought that I would grow out of my love for Silvia’s. But if anything over that time it has grown. After spending so much time with friends that own them, helping them work on their s chassis’s and spending so much time in the drift scene it was really only a matter of time till i brought another. When my daily driver (p11 primera) started to break down i jumped on the chance to replace her with the S14.
The goal with this build is to keep it real clean and real simple. So for wheels i’m going to run R33 GTR standard wheels (17×9’s). I bought these before I had even found a car to put them on. I have always loved this wheel and they are pretty hard to come by these days (especially a set as tidy as i got). They are periodically correct, fit with the theme of the car (clean and tidy) and they have a classic look that will never age.

I brought the car with the standard boot spoiler removed, Which was fine with me because it’s the shape i don’t like, so i jumped on trademe and found the other standard style of boot spoiler that Nissan only brought out on the face lift models and clicked buy now. I also brought this before i had brought the car because I was certain i would run this spoiler.
I love the look of this spoiler so much, couldn’t be happier. Now I just need a set of standard side skirts, some factory end caps and a aftermarket roof wing and ill be happy with the body exterior. If anyone reading this can source those parts PLEASE let me know!!
A massive shout out has to go to a guy named Elliot Osborne. I had only met this guy a week earlier at a drift event and got talking, next thing he had offered to swap me the Black, scratched up wing i brought from the wreckers for his perfect one in my factory colour. Such a nice guy!!

This blog is going to take a small turn from just being a way to showcase my photos to a build thread + a photography blog

I hope everyone enjoys it.

I fly down to Christchurch on Friday for the 5th round of D1NZ, so ill have  another post next week on that!

That’s all for now – Andy

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