D1NZ – 2013 – Round 4 – Hampton Downs on film

I started this web site to expose my photographs in a clean and tidy way, but my life outside of photography has been so insanely busy that i haven’t had a chance to post anything for ages. I’ve moved from the top of the south island of New Zealand to the top of the north, With the basic goal of trying to photograph and film as much drifting as possible.

F1000002The New Zealand drifting scene is growing fast, not only the vehicle/competitor side but the media side of it all too. There is a hand full of NZ drifting photographers who are extremely good at what they do and are a pure form of inspiration for me. Some of which i have been following far before i even picked up a camera.

I recently started experimenting with film photography. I have been pushing myself hard to find a strong point of difference in my work and i think i have found this with shooting in film.


Shooting an event in film is extremely different to shooting digitally. With the rolls of film i buy only containing 24 shots and with a hefty price tag attached to purchase the film and added costs of getting it developed, you want to make every single last shot count. So you think so much more about the photo.

The next round is only a couple of weeks away. Ill do a few more quick posts with some other stuff i’ve been getting up to in Auckland and a maybe if i find some time i want to do a small post on my gear. I hope someone out there in internet land is actually reading this haha

– Andy

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